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This is Dedication

Life is work. Life is getting up and doing what you have to do every single day whether you feel like it or not.

Life is making you commitment in a particular direction and moving with fierce intensity every single day, making every single day a success in that particular direction.

You don't always feel good. You don't always get what you want, but you keep fucking going in that direction.

Motivation is bullshit. Motivation doesn't get anything done. Motivation gets you going, it gets you started.

Discipline, commitment, strong habits is what gets things done. Motivation is just a feeling. Grounded action is what gets things done.

You commit once to the thing that you're going to do and then you do it every single day.

I can't emphasis this enough how important it is for you to commit to small things on a daily basis because that is what transforms you, these tiny little actions. It's not the grand visions. It's the tiny actions that move towards over the ideal.

Do the thing you're afraid to do. Do it. It's not about feeling confident about going into the situation. It's not about knowing that it's going to work out. It's not about having the most detailed plan for how this thing will happen. It's about simply just doing it.

Success is not doing the right thing. It definitely isn't doing the right the first time. Success is having the courage to move in the direction of your dreams. Move in the direction that your heart is taking you. That is what success is as you are progressively realizing that thing.

Remember how is it that people can advance in life? How is it to some people can move forward and some people just seem stuck? They're just stuck in their lives. They're stuck in mediocrity. You need either a tragedy or you need a goal so big that it draws you, it pulls you out of bed.

It's much more difficult to be pulled towards something as, 'I’m chasing your ass.' It's much easier to run when a dog is chasing you and nipping at your ass than running towards a prize.

The dog chasing his ass, he's not going to walk. You're going to fucking run. And then you put a million dollars at the end of another one, that guy's going to run to. He's not going to run nearly as fast or with as much intensity.

But you need to literally pick up your video game machine, smash it to fucking pieces, walk out your house, get in your car and go live in your car. Go somewhere. Go check into a homeless shelter.

You need to shake up your life like it's never been shook up before.

A lot of people there think it’s easy. It's easier said than done. It's too hard. This is really basically what your story is. That’s the story you told yourself. It's easier said than done. It's kind of hard to do that.

Well, it's supposed to be fucking hard. It's supposed to be difficult. If it wasn't difficult then there'll be no growth. There will be no resistance. There'll be nothing to force you to grow stronger with. That's why I say the most important reason, the most important thing; the most important gift that you receive by taking action in the direction of your dreams is that attaining your fucking dream.

It's you growing stronger and becoming a stronger version of yourself through the challenges, through the resistances. 


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