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7 Mistakes Athletes Make

CrossFit Training Program

1. AVOIDING BASIC STRENGTH EXERCISES OR BODYBUILDING MOVEMENTS. General isolated strengthening exercises can truly complement the full­ body and compound movements performed everyday in CF WODs and can fill in the strength gaps that may be present – making you a STRONGER athlete! 

2. NEGLECTING STRICT MOVEMENTS OF CORE CF MOVEMENTS. Although practicing efficiency of “kipping” movements is important, it is also imperative to safely build tolerance to volume and strength for max repetitions by performing strict movements regularly.

3. MAX EFFORT EVERY DAY. I am not suggesting that you sandbag or half-­ass a workout, but hitting your “Red Line” every day will eventually wreck your body. 

4. REPEATING BASELINES AND MAXING OUT TOO OFTEN. Having reference times, scores, and numbers to record long­-term progress is great, but focusing on improving baseline WODs and max lifts can restrict growth.A good rule of thumb is to schedule baseline WODs or max-out days 3­-4 months apart.

5. ACTIVE RECOVERY. Take a day, to do NOTHING. I was once told by the great Russian lifter Dmitry Klokov that prior to competition, you must decrease training volume and intensity: “You have to make your body and mind crave the barbell,” the weights, the platform – the same goes for CrossFit.

6. EXPECTING BANDS, BALLS, ROLLERS, STRAPS, WHEELS, AND TAPE TO BE QUICK FIXES FOR INJURIES, ACHES AND PAINS. As a competitive athlete, you are going to hurt, have aches/pains, and have imbalances on most days; understand that. I am not suggesting you neglect caring for yourself, but don’t expect to wake up everyday feeling 100%.

7. NO COACH, NO PROGRAM, NO STRUCTURE. “Prepare for the unknown.” This can be achieved with a structured, planned program and should be. Doing random, unstructured workouts without reason is the perfect way to get injured and be unprepared for the unknown. 

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Be Sure to follow our daily training program below. Includes Strength, Weightlifting, Skill, Gymnastics, and of course Conditioning session every day. 

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