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Grow your Mindset

People are all born with a love of learning, but the fixed mindset can undo it. Think of a time you were enjoying something --doing a crossword puzzle, playing a sport, learning a new dance. Then it became hard and you wanted out. Maybe you suddenly felt tired, dizzy, bored, or hungry. Next time this happens, don't fool yourself. It's a fixed mindset. Put yourself in a growth mindset. Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet new challenges and learn. Keep on going. 

CrossFit Motivation

It's tempting to create a world in which we are perfect...I remember that time from grade school. We can choose partners, make friends, hire people who make us feel faultless. But think about it--do you want to never grow? Next time you're tempted to surround yourself with worshipers, go to church. In the rest of your life, seek constructive criticism. 

Is there something in your past that you think measured you? A test score? A dishonest or callous action? Being fired from a job? Being rejected? Focus on that thing. Feel all the emotions that go with it. Now put it in a growth mindset perspective. Look honestly at your role in it, but understand that it doesn't define your intelligence or personality. Instead, ask: What did I  (or can I) learn from that experience? How can I use it as a basis for growth? Carry that with you instead. 

How do you act when you feel depressed? Do you work harder at things in your life or do you let them go? Next time you feel low, put yourself in a growth mindset--think about learning, challenge, confronting obstacles. Think about the effort as a positive, constructive force, not as a big drag. Try it out. 

Is there something you've always want to do but were afraid you weren't good at? Make a plan to do it. 

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