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How Champions Think

"What sets talented people apart from exceptional people? It can’t be measured by a vertical leap, a Fran time, or 1RM snatch. It’s something internal. Great performers share a way of thinking—a set of attitudes and attributes that cause them to work harder and smarter than other people as they prepare for competition. It starts with optimism. Individuals who achieve durable, frequent success are optimists. Optimism is an attitude people can choose to have.

-Post from Competitors training 

_How Champions Think

I’m not saying that optimism won the CF Games for Katrin or Mat. They won the Games because they have talent and they worked very hard over the years to hone that talent. Optimism works like fertilizer—enabling and enhancing all the efforts you make to improve your game.


While the correlation between optimism and success is imperfect, there is an almost perfect correlation between negative thinking and failure. So why wouldn’t you be optimistic if it were a choice you could make?


And it is a choice. The first thing you have to do is decide being optimistic is important to you, because you understand optimism is essential to fulfilling your dreams and attaining your goals. Once you make that decision, you have to start looking at things from a different perspective. Will you focus on the things that go wrong? Or are you going to focus on what you have going for you? Will you own your mind or let others own it? Will you see yourself succeeding where others don’t?"

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