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Intra Workout Nutrition [IMPORTANT]

We all know that nutrition is important if you want to perform your best, or just be as healthy as you can be. However, not many of us pay attention to what we put in our bodies during a training session. Most of us think we can just go by drinking water or some sports drink over the duration of a training session. We believe that many people lose out on performance gains due to lack of intra workout nutrition. Most people cannot eat within a couple of hours before a training session. And if a training session last 2-3 hours that means that your body is going without fuel for more than 4-6 hours, depending on how long your training session is. 

Athletes that do this will find themselves lacking intensity  towards the second half of the session, and this is because they burned their fuel stored in their body and their gas tank is on empty. We recommend supplementing a training session with a carbohydrate mix, or at least a gator aid throughout the workout to replenish the lost carbs (your energy to train hard), as you progress through the grueling training session. There are many companies out there that provide some carbohydrate drinks for intra workout supplementation, but we have posted the top 3 below. Supplementing your training with a carb supplement will help you train harder and longer without hitting that wall early on. Give your body the fuel it needs to continue to perform all the way through your training day. 



CrossFIt Supplements



1. VItargo

3. XEndurance Fuel 5


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