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Problem with CrossFit

What is the Problem with CF.

According to this video, the problem with CrossFit is that it doesn't stay true to its definition. Check it out below to hear the full explanation. 

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  • David Rios on

    Ok, I need to de-bunk this guy. I become angry when I see things like this.

    This man holds a flawed criticism of crossfit that it not supported by ay type of evidence, but driven with strong personal opinions regarding different methodologies. This man does not understand the methodololy of crossfit very well, if he did he would know some few basic precepts upheld by the CF community that address and remedy the issues he is bringing up.

    1)Scaling. Scaling is huge emphasized in the community. Scaling to option and scaling for progression. Example the kipping pull up. The progression is:
    strict > learning the kipp > kipping pull up. Show me a coach that will not say that.

    2) Compromising integrity by sacrificing form to gain number efficiency and that people will cheat to become more efficient, i.e. to win met-cons etc.

    “Technique, consistency, volume”

    This value is a supreme element in the methodology. It is always top priority. End of story. Show me a trainer, a coach or a box that won’t tell you that.

    3) The insinuation that the Crossfit Games is hurting the quality of Crossfit.

    Well that is insane! The beauty of the games is that it is a marriage between the highest intensity achievable and perfect technique (form) The games do not communicate any else-period but that highest of standard. They can’t because it is impossible to compete at that level if you have not mastered every movement.
    Look at any games athlete and that is exactly what you will see that Golden Combination. That is when CrossFit truly becomes an unsurpassable fine art generating only motivation and inspiration.

    So once again.

    Scaling has always been integral.

    “technique, consistency, volume”

    *What I don’t respect about him is that he seems to be attacking CF methodology to sell himself. That’s pretty lame. There are more successful ways to market your methodologies, other than tearing down conflicting ones.

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