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The Importance of Training Partners

Whether you are training to compete, or training to be a healthy person with general fitness, your training partners can determine your levels of progress and your success.  Training partners will keep you motivated when your are tired and burned out. They will push you every day whether they are better than you are or right behind you. The mere fact of having another person in the gym with you will automatically push you harder than training solo. Don't have a training partner and you usually train solo? Well, there are many ways to benefit from this idea with the use of Social Media. Just recently the major social media platforms created a "Live Streaming" update, which means you can broadcast yourself in real time to all of your friends that are far away; Facebook Live and Instagram Live. Next time you don't feel like training hard, put on a live feed of yourself via social media. The fact that you have others eyes on you will make you push harder. Social Media is a great thing to help us stay motivated and stay accountable. You can also create facebook groups with like minded individuals to help you stay accountable...these "Virtual Training Partners" if much better than having none at all. This is our take on training partners, but please watch this video below for a more in depth conversation. 
Check out this video on the importance of training/working out partners. 

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  • Wayne Battersby on

    I love what you are saying. But what advice would you give me. I train alone everyday. I can’t afford to go to a box. And I am having trouble finding training partners

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