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How are you energy levels?

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How are your energy levels?

I’m not asking about your energy levels on a daily basis. I’m sure your diet and regular training have that taken care of. 

What I’m asking about is your energy levels during those long, hard training sessions and competitions.

One of the problems I commonly face during the all day competitions days was keeping my energy levels up so I could perform at a high level not only on the first workout, but the last one as well.  During those days, I (along with so many other athletes) would turn to sports drinks and energy bars to replenish and keep my energy levels up.

The problem with most of these drinks and bars is they’re filled with simple sugar that doesn’t offer a very good source of energy and the energy is typically short lived. So, I would need to consume more and more of these drinks and bars to keep my energy going.

As I learned more about nutrition and training I saw this as a huge problem for athletes and decided to do some research on products and supplements to help me with this.

The goal I had was to find a supplement that would take the place of and outperform the sports drinks and energy bars so many athletes use.

What I found was CARB4 supplement by ATP Extreme:

CARB4 contains:

4 High Quality Carb Sources for More Sustained Energy Production

Faster Assimilation and Absorption

Stabilized Blood Sugar Response

Great Light Taste that Won’t Cause Gastrointestinal Stress

Added Electrolytes to Help Fight Cramping and Dehydration

Added Anti-Oxidant Support from Pomegranate Juice Extract


If you are a High Intensity Athlete placing high demands on your body day in and day out, you need a high quality carb supplement like CARB4 for both pre and post workout to fuel your muscles and help them recover as quickly as possible!

Now, I realize CARB4 isn’t for everyone, but if you’re having a hard time keeping your energy levels up during hard training session and competitions, CARB4 might might be something you want to take a look at.

CARB4 has kept our energy levels up and helped us performing at a high level from start to finish.

If you think CARB4 might be something that might benefit you and you’d like to learn more be sure to click below.


Good luck with your training!!!

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