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Shoulder and Thoracic Mobility for Weightlifting and CF

Fitness WOD Workout of the Day

Whenever we find great stuff on the internet we figure its our duty to share it with you all. Implement these stretches every day and you will start to see great improvements in your overhead movements. 

"In CF, one of the most glaring mobility issues I see is in the shoulders and thoracic spine. Not being able to reach full range of motion kipping on the pull-up bar, even holding a barbell overhead, plagues many athletes. As a gymnast, flexibility was always an integral part of my daily routine. For many athletes in CF, however, it’s not.
These are a few of my favorite shoulder and thoracic spine manipulations that I exercise on my PT clients everyday. They put the athlete in a position that mimics the positions they move through on the pull-up bar during different skills. These stretches put your upper body through a greater range of motion, stretching those short, tight muscles that may be restricting your movement.
Disclaimer: These are extreme positions. If you have any type of injury, DO NOT perform these stretches. Make sure you’re working/stretching with a knowledgable coach who can move you through mobilization exercises that will benefit, not harm, you. "

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