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1 year of Programming for CrossFit Athletes

1 year of Programming for CrossFit Athletes


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Programming can be daunting and time consuming. Take the guess work out of the daily program. Whether you are a gym owner looking for a full spectrum program, or an athlete looking to improve in all areas of fitness, this is for you. 

2 training sessions a day for 5 days a week. 

*Daily Conditioning, Strength work, and accessory work.

This is the exact training program our athletes follow to prepare for competition. 

Our home CrossFit gym also does the workout of the day portion of the program, which is great for any gym. If your gym has athletes looking to improve in weightlifting, conditioning, and or skill, this program has it all. 

You'll receive access to our program for an ENTIRE YEAR with this purchase. One time fee will get you in without any recurring costs. 

100% No risk, Money Back guarantee (within 5 days of purchase)

Below is a sample training week from a few weeks ago. 


Squat clean + Front squat

Every 2.5min for 8 rds:

1st rd: 1+3 ( 1 squat clean + 3 front squat)

2nd rd: 1+3

3rd rd: 2+2

4th rd: 2+2

5th rd: 3+1

6th rd: 3+1

7th rd: 4+0

8th rd: 4+0

Use 80% of max clean. Be strict with % because we will do 6 week long progression with this combo.

Split jerk ( from rack or blocks):


New set every 2min. Use 70-75% ( focus on speed and technic)

After fourth set:

work up to 82.5-87.5% for a set of 2

Clean pull:


( 110%-117.5% of max clean, use straps, pause first rep below knee for 2s)

Monday PM

2 rds For time:

8 burpee box over jump 24/20´ ( feet touch top of box)

2 dumbell snatch (ds) 100/70lbs

8 burpee box jump over (bbjo)

4 ds

8 bbjo

6 ds

8 bbjo

8 ds

8 bbjo

10 ds

Rest 5min btw rds

Rest 5min after second rd and then:

4 rds for time:

20/15 cal ab

21 c2b

15 sHSPU

9 devils press 22.5/ 15kg

Rest 2min btw rds


Dumbell weight should be heavy ( but remember safety): 100/70lbs, 75/55lbs, 70/45lbs, 65/40lbs

C2b: 21/18/15/12 something unbroken or max in three sets with short brakes btw ( go normal pull-up if needed).

sHSPU: 15/13/11/9/7 something that you can do unbroken or max in 4 sets with short brakes ( go kHSPU if needed)

devils press: 22.5/15 or 17.5/12.5kg

Tuesday AM

Hang power clean:

Work up to heavy set of 2 ( go tng reps, meaning no rest on hips/ legs)

3x8 hang power clean ( tng reps with solid technic, rest 90s btw sets)

Front squat:


Use 70%, 2s pause each rep at bottom.

New set every 3min

Back rack reverese lunges:

3x 16 (8/8)

Go heavyish, but remember safety and good technic!!

Tuesday PM

20min amrap:

100 DU

40 wallball 30/20lbs ( go 20/14 if needed)

12 DL 315/205 ( scale to 60-65%)

5 rope climb ( go 3 if needed)

Wednesday AM

For time:

40/34 cal bike-erg ( or 30/20)

20 stoh 80/60kg ( or 70/50, 60/40)

40/34 cal

40m HS-walk ( or 30/20m/10m or 75/60/45 push-up)

40/34 cal

20 stoh

40/34 cal

Wednesday PM



1min rest


1min rest


1min rest


1min rest


1min rest


1min rest


1min rest


1min rest



Go with 80-85% pressure each intervall. LAST 20S FROM EACH INTERVALL 95% PRESSURE



Friday AM

Snatch +low hang squat snatch:

New set every 90s for 6 rds:

1 snatch + 1 low hang snatch

Use max 75%, Focus on speed and technic!!

EMOM 10:

2 drop and go squat snatch 82.5-85%

Snatch Pull

3x3 115-117.5%

Use straps

Friday PM

For time:

400m run +

2-4-6-8-10 power clean 225/145lbs

4-8-12-16-20 t2b

Rest 3min

600m run +

2-4-6-8 power clean 245/160lbs

4-8-12-16 t2b

Rest 3min

800m run +

2-4-6 power clean 265/175lbs

 4-8-12 t2b

Rest 3min

1000m run +

2-4 power clean 285/185lbs

4-8 t2b

Scale power clean:

70%, 77.5%, 82.5%, 87.5%


Two weeks ago we started new squat programm. This will take total 12 weeks.

First four weeks will go with this given rep scheme and increasing weight. After four weeks we will change rep scheme.

Back squat:


Do all sets with same weight. Increase weight 5kg from last week.

Rest 3-5min after set of 20. Rest 3min btw sets of 10.

Press 5x5 75% ( 1s pause at front rack with each rep)

Rest 2-3min btw sets

Work up to days heavy 2 rep weighted pull-up

Sunday active recovery (optional)

Aerobic condition for 60min:

Run 20-40min with zone 3

Bike ( bike-erg, wattbike, ab) 40-20 min with zone 2/3


Bike with zone 2


10min row

20min bike

Zone 2