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2019 CrossFit Open Prep (Oct. 10) - RxMindset

2019 CrossFit Open Prep (Oct. 10)


The CrossFit Games just wrapped up and we now have the date for the 2019-2020 CrossFit Open. On Thursday, October 10 the first workout will be released.

Join Us to prepare for the 5 week long competition. PRICE INCLUDES 8 weeks of Programming!

All Levels welcome, we will provide scaling options for all levels. 

You will receive your training plan every week on Sunday 12PM PST (Starting 8/18).

This Program will be developed in collaboration from the best strength, endurance, and gymnastics coaches in the sport.  

This system is based on the fact that in CrossFit open you need to have skills, strength, power and endurance to be able to compete in this sport. Developing these areas take many months to improve and you can be improving them the rest of your life. 

This system has a goal that you will be in the best shape of your life at The Open 2019.

Aerobic base, skills and strength numbers.

The goal is to have such an big engine and skill base that we are able to use our strength and power. 

Five (5) training sessions a week...You will have all workouts for the week on Sunday. 

Train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Then on Thursday rest day. Training again in Friday and Saturday and in Sunday rest day.

You can modify your week based on your school, work, physical or mental stress level…

--First week of training begins 10/186/19--

*If you sign up after we send out the weekly programming, we will make sure you receive it within 1 day of signing up.