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12-Week Olympic Weightlifting Program

12-Week Olympic Weightlifting Program


New program for 2020. 3 Month program designed to help you reach new PRs. Whether you plan on competing in an upcoming Weightlifting meet or just want to get stronger, this is for you. *3 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Focus on the snatch, clean and jerk will be shifted towards a maintenance phase in order to gain strength in squatting and upper-body pressing. Tempo squats will create new adaptations by adding time under tension. Other press and pulling exercises will be added as accessory movements to create better movement patterns and increase strength in the stabilizing muscles. Accessory work and stamina work is programmed daily.  If you are looking to improve your overall strength for the sport of weightlifting, this is the program for you. Also Great for CrossFit Athletes looking to increase their weightlifting numbers. 

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