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Chinese Weightlifting Technique & Mastery Training Book

Chinese Weightlifting Technique & Mastery Training Book


Improve your performance with the first ever English-language Chinese weightlifting book.

The book is 300+ pages, and every single one is packed with information organized by Ma Strength, the world’s leading authority on Chinese weightlifting. Spread across 20 chapters and drawing from over 150 research articles and books written by sports scientists, coaches, and researchers, the book covers:

  • The Chinese weightlifting system and how it works
  • Technique philosophy and biomechanics as prescribed by the founders of the system
  • Coaching best practices
  • Formulating short- and long-term programming
  • Gender differences in training
  • And much more

For the first time ever, you can master the training principles and techniques used by the world’s greatest weightlifting team. Whether you’re a coach, trainer, or athlete, the book is an invaluable resource. The book was crafted by experts to deepen your knowledge and improve your performance. Applied to your training, the information from our Chinese weightlifting book can help you master technique, lift safely, and smash through personal bests. The book is equally valuable for coaches, helping you develop safe, effective programming for athletes of all skill levels and experience.


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