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EMOM Training

EMOM Training


Over 100 EMOM style workouts to help you improve in different areas of your training. Several sections of this ebook include, Skill EMOMs, Strength EMOMs, Endurance/Stamina EMOMs, and more. 

Structuring you EMOM can be a science in itself. This short ebook will provide some EMOM style workouts to send you on your way.

A problem many make in programming an EMOM is that they program too many reps in a given minute, or provide not enough rest for a given movement. The correct amount of reps are needed to ensure proper rest so that if your goals is “skill”, you are practicing skill at the proper fatigue level, and not reaching a “pain cave”, because skills cannot be easily learned while under high fatigue levels.

The more advanced you get as an athlete, the more reps you will be able to do while maintaining proper technique.

With that said, under the skill and strength EMOM section of this book be sure to adjust the amount of reps and scale it to your current level of fitness, or else we are just wasting time and you will not see the improvements.