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Endurance and Stamina 2.0

Endurance and Stamina 2.0

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About 2.5 years ago, we released an endurance and stamina program and it is, to this day, our most popular program. Most people get burned out by doing high intensity crossfit style programs to increase their endurance and stamina. Most people don't realize that they have to slow it down, increase the duration in order to build CAPACITY. We received hundreds of emails saying that people saw results after just a couple of months. 

If you’re like most people, your endurance and stamina is lacking and could be improved dramatically. Also, most people don’t know what is required to increase their endurance and stamina. Most metcons/amraps/etc are designed to be short and intense and get you in great shape along the way. Those short workouts ranging from 2-20 minutes get you in great shape, but many of them don’t allow you to build your “engine” to the best of its capabilities. Endurance and stamina take time to develop and need to be developed much differently than you think. You need to do a lot of slow paced, mono-structural work like rowing, biking, and running.

We were asked to come out with another version of the program, and we listened. 
We wanted to give you all the first chance to grab the latest endurance and stamina program. 
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