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Gymnastics and Accessory (Advanced Program) - RxMindset

Gymnastics and Accessory (Advanced Program)


6 weeks Program - Train like an Athlete (Advanced Program)

The typical athlete already spends plenty of time doing weightlifting, squatting, Metcon conditioning, and running. Doing more of those things will not necessarily make you a better athlete. In order to become a better athlete you must train like an athlete. You must take a step back, slow things down, and work on MOVEMENT!

We've noticed that most athlete that spend a great deal of time getting better are missing one thing...ACCESSORY WORK!

We wanted to create something that athletes can follow to help them fill in this void. We have created a 6 week accessory program for those looking to add some quality to his/her training. This program will have you performing quality accessory movements to help you become a stronger and more all around athlete. This program will strengthen your body to be able to squat more, lift more, perform better at muscle ups, pull-ups, and all of your other basic gymnastics movements. 

Accessory training is the missing tool that many athletes are missing. The accessory movements found in this program will develop strength and power of your upper body to be able to handle the demands of gymnastics movements found in CF. There will be plenty of leg development as well. We don'f forget about your core, as all movements require a rock solid core foundation. Put these training alongside your everyday strength and Metcon's and you will become  a much better athlete. 


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