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Nutrition Principles Ebook - RxMindset

Nutrition Principles Ebook


Are you eating the right foods? Want to look better and perform better in the gym? Nutrient timing is crucial for workout performance, recovery, and body composition. Eating the right foods is not enough, its a matter of when to eat these foods. 

Chapters in this Ebook include:

Calories and weight regulation.

Adding slow digesting carbs to your meal plan.

Adding fast digesting carbs to your meal plan.

The 3-4 hour window.

Understanding complete and incomplete proteins.

Dialing it in: The insulin and Amino Acid Relationship.

What is insulin?

Insulins roles in the body.

Understanding insulin resistance.

what insulin means to you.

Why slow digesting carbohydrates?

The glycemic index.

Low GI Foods.

Moderate GI Foods.

High GI Foods.